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Wednesday, July 1, 2009 - 5:00pm

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GoodB 5 Star Book Review: The Real Wealth of Nations
Written By Riane Eisler
Most traditional business people cringe when they see the words "caring" and "economics" next to each other in the same sentence, let alone on the cover of a powerful book.Yet the sheer depth of insight behind this book and its scholarly author, Riane Eisler, forces readers to take a second look. Social scientist and former UCLA law professor, Eisler methodically lays out compelling guidelines for an economic system that includes human compassion. Lest you think Eisler is pipe dreaming, the feminist scholar makes a compelling argument that people and the natural environment are the most valuable assets in an economy. Read More 
Sustainable Potato Chips?
Frito-Lay has recently started referring to its chips as "locally-grown food," claiming that their potatoes come from several farmers in over 27 states. Green Biz journalist Marc Gunther finds this locally-grown food a bit comical. It is just one more company "jumping aboard the local movement," says Gunther. However, Frito-Lay does take environmental issues seriously. One plant in Casa Grande, Arizona, "aims to cut its electricity and water usage by 90%, and within a couple of years, the plan will run almost entirely on renewable energy and recycled water while reducing waste going to the landfill to less than 1%." Read More

Ford Expedition: A Dinosaur on Wheels 
Ford Motor Company announced that its Michigan Assembly Plant, home of Big SUV's Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator, will focus on building greener, smaller, more energy efficient cars. Ford plans to invest $550 million to transform this plant to deliver on its promise to produce "four new electric vehicles in the U.S. by 2012." Read More

Buying Local: The Real Business Community

Green Blog Triple Pundit reports that locally-owned businesses are green by default and breeding grounds for positive change. Buying local goods keeps more money in the area, creates more jobs, and shortens "the supply chain of the products" in turn reducing the carbon footprint. Local businesses are more likely to invest in the community and donate to non-profits and local organizations. According to Triple Pundit, this is the "real business community." Read More

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