Good for All: Encouraging Employee Wellness

Good for All: Encouraging Employee Wellness

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 8:00am

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Clorox was recently recognized as a Fit-Friendly Worksite – Gold Level by the American Heart Association for promoting physical activity, nutrition and a culture of wellness. We reached out to HR’s Miriam Lewis to talk about some of the educational and physical activity programs Clorox has launched in recent years to encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.

What are some of the things Clorox is doing to encourage employee to increase their fitness?

Through our employee wellness program, Clorox provides opportunities for employees to live healthier lives. By rewarding participation in various campaigns, like the Step It Up!® and Get Fit on Route 66® programs, Clorox makes it easier for employees to add exercise to their routine. Incentives, including a fitness subsidy and reduced healthcare premiums, are used to motivate employees to place a high value on wellness. We also provide free flu shots and biometric screenings at all of our major U.S. facilities and offices to encourage employees to understand things like their BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Another key piece is our Wellness Champions who help promote the various wellness campaigns throughout the year.

Read more about the program at the Clorox CR Matters blog.