Giving the Gift of Life – Living Organ Donation

Giving the Gift of Life – Living Organ Donation

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Friday, May 23, 2014 - 11:30am

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants Tammy Steele and Carolyne Bryant became bonded for life over more than just lipstick. Their story is one rooted in faith, friendship and selfless giving when Carolyne needed a kidney and Tammy became her living organ donor.

Since their meeting more than 30 years ago, the two women have grown both their Mary Kay businesses and their friendship – so much so, they consider each other family. When Carolyne needed a kidney, Tammy thought, “There was never anything in my life that I was more sure I had to do.”

Fortunately, her kidney was a perfect match for Carolyne, and both ladies are thriving today.

Both women are passionate about educating others about the opportunities – big and small – available to help those in need.

Tammy speaks at local Chamber of Commerce events, schools and elsewhere to educate others on how saving a life is as easy as donating a pint of blood while Carolyne regularly spends time with transplant patients to put their minds at ease.

“It takes a person who’s been through it to understand,” Carolyne says. She also participates in activities for transplant patients at the hospital where her surgery took place.

Becoming a living organ donor is a big decision, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Like any surgery, organ transplants do come with risks. Educate yourself first and speak with medical professionals about surgery risks and the recovery process.

Above all – do what you feel you are capable of doing to make a difference – big or small. You might just save a life! Here are a few ways to get started:

·       Register as an organ donor through your state*

·       Donate blood or platelets

·       Register with the National Bone Marrow Registry

·       Considering becoming a living donor if asked

·       Do something nice for a friend or stranger in need

* Above resources listed for information only. No endorsement is implied.