Girl Scouts Of Northeast Texas And Mary Kay

Jan 13, 2014 2:00 PM ET

I was so excited to learn that Mary Kay formed a partnership with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas to promote entrepreneurship! It’s a great tie to the goals that the Girl Scouts have been teaching for the past 100 years and that Mary Kay has been sharing with woman around the globe for the last fifty.

I lead a Daisy Girl Scout troop of nine, six-year- old girls in the Dallas area.  When our troop formed 1 ½ years ago my goal was to expose my daughter to an organization that helped make the world a better place in addition to meeting girls from her new elementary school.  What transpired among my daughter and the other girls in the troop was truly inspiring.

Last year at the beginning of cookie season, each girl was asked to set a goal as to the number of cookies she would sell. Since they didn’t have experience selling cookies, most of the girls were very conservative with their goal.  On a cold and rainy weekend in January these five year olds started off reluctantly ringing the door bells around the neighborhood.  A box of cookies was a few dollars, but what was priceless was the increase in courage and confidence in these little girls for each box of cookies that was sold.

We soon found the girls requesting to go out and sell more and wanting to know what the next reward level would bring. Many sold twice as much or more than what their original goal was. The transformation that occurred in a short window of time was truly remarkable.

I am so proud to work for such a great company who understands how important it is to build these life skills at such an early age with our daughters.  So when you see Girl Scouts selling cookies in the coming weeks, just remember they will be the leaders of their generation who can impact the lives of others around the world. To learn more about Mary Kay’s partnership with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, click here.

Today’s blog post is from Emma Polman. Emma has worked at Mary Kay for 17 years this January in various roles from Brand Marketing to Program Management and is currently the Manager of Creative Business Packaging.  She and her team help put the face on the Mary Kay brand around the world.