Genesis Women’s Shelter

Oct 29, 2014 12:30 PM ET

Inspiring Beauty Through Caring

This week’s guest blogger is Jan Edgar Langbein, CEO Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support of Dallas. She’s been an activist in efforts to end domestic violence against women for more than 20 years.

Although October is designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we must face the issue every day.

At shelters like Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, we answer calls 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, helping victims in their darkest hours. These women and children never know when a comment, look or gesture will bring on the next assault. Domestic violence doesn’t take a break on holidays or vacations.

We know we cannot have safe communities if we don’t have safe homes. And, we can’t leave the issue on the steps of our city officials, courts or police departments. We must all come together with zero tolerance to provide safety for victims and accountability for abusers.

Experts tell us that the best response to ending domestic violence is a coordinated community response, where we all work together. That’s why it’s so important for us as individuals and as organizations to raise funds and awareness, to speak out at state capitols and to work with our government officials. I encourage you to get to know whatever resources your community offers. These may include programs through shelters, law enforcement or other organizations.

We must be accountable, proactive and effective in protecting our most vulnerable.

I know I speak on behalf of all service providers when I express my profound gratitude to the vision of Mary Kay Ash and the legacy that lives on through Mary Kay Inc. and The Mary Kay Foundation. Certainly through the corporate leadership, the dedication of The Mary Kay Foundation board and staff, as well as the incredible worldwide independent sales force, Domestic Violence Awareness Month is EVERY month EVERY year.

We are honored to join with you as we become part of the solution.

Jan co-founded the annual international Conference on Crimes Against Women, which brings together law enforcement, advocates, prosecutors, and forensic health professionals. The Mary Kay Foundation has been a presenting sponsor of this event for nine years.

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