Frontline of Climate Change: Drought

Frontline of Climate Change: Drought

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Sara Gutterman, CEO Green Builder Media

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - 8:05am

CAMPAIGN: Ethical and Sustainable Living


Water: it is a common agenda for all of us, for every walk of life. It’s our planet’s most valuable resource. Nations are powered by it. Life depends on it. And soon, we’ll be fighting over it.

We think of water as infinite and inexhaustible, but the hard truth is that we’re depleting, polluting, and wasting water from aquifers and other fresh water sources in such vast quantities that we’re not allowing these sources to renew themselves, resulting in drastic drought conditions across the globe.

We are creating our own global crisis—whether we realize it or not, water scarcity is here. If current usage and population trends continue, global demand for water in 2030 will outstrip supply by 40 percent.

Aquifers across the globe are drying up due to overuse, forcing municipalities and communities to make difficult decisions about whether to allocate the precious resource to industry, agriculture, or domestic use. In Australia, the government voted to prioritize domestic use, figuring they could import food and other essential goods. Countries in the Middle East will be obliged to scale down or completely phase out crop production due to water shortages (Saudi Arabia is planning to cease all industrial agriculture by next year, compelling the country to import all of its food in the future.)


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