Episode 12 of the radio drama "Magic Touch" captures critical issues affecting Ecuadorian youth

Episode 12 of the radio drama "Magic Touch" captures critical issues affecting Ecuadorian youth

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PCI Media Impact, a non-profit organization specializing in the use of Entertainment Education to promote social change, premiers their Ecuadorian serial drama, "Toque Magico (Magic Touch)", every Wednesday on both YouTube and Facebook.  

Magic Touch was first broadcast in 2008 to promote youth awareness of gender equality and assist in the cultural elimination of inequity and prevention of violence against women

Chapter XII: Dimming of the womb
Educational topic: Pregnancy in the school

Magdalena’s strength and dedication in the art of taming dragons makes her deserving of Professor Contreras respect. Professor Cratinis is the other side of coin; she doesn’t understand that a shining womb is not an obstacle in fulfilling one’s dreams. She continues to discriminate against Magdalena - skipping her when she calls the roll and not grading her homework. Magdalena’s health gets noticeably worse, but no one in the school pays it any mind and because of this her fetus and her life dim in a witch-hospital. 

 "I played Magdalena, the little witch that cried unceasingly. I loved this character because she was gentle and timid, yet knew how to fight for her dreams. In the beginning, I wasn’t very sure how I was going to give life to this character, but with the radio theater workshops that we received, I was able to create a Magdalena that many people loved. I know this because they told me that they loved the candor with which she spoke and they mentioned how her soft weeping touched them. This left me very satisfied. I would like to participate in another experience like Magic Touch because it was a great traineeship." - Alejandra Mero, Member of the Ponte Once Youth Network 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - 10:00am

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