Eight Questions for Clorox's Product-Sustainability Guru

Jul 16, 2014 9:00 AM ET

Clorox CR Matters Blog

Research fellow Scott Mobley spends a lot of time thinking about the safety and sustainability of Clorox’s products and packaging. A member of the Global Stewardship team, Scott uses his degree in pharmacology/toxicology, as well as his deep and varied product knowledge, to share information and best practices with fellow employees, retailers, eco advocacy groups, government regulatory agencies and fellow consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Here Scott talks about safety, sustainability and working with industry groups to find better ways to engage advocacy groups and consumers.

What does the Global Stewardship team do and what is your role?

We have professionals with expertise in global trade, product safety, chemistry, public health, microbiology and more. All of these disciplines come together to provide the needed expertise to be complete “stewards” of our products, from start to finish. From raw materials to final packaged formulation, there is really no part of our products that we do not touch.

As stewards, we’re also involved in product sustainability. Part of my role is to help connect our broader corporate responsibility goals with specific choices, like using ingredients and chemistries in our products that will help us reach our own sustainability goals and those of our retail customers. While others on our team typically engage with our raw material suppliers, I often find myself being “where the rubber meets the road” in terms of knowing and meeting the expectations of our biggest customers.

Many retailers have their own sustainability programs that say, “Here are the types of chemistries we do not want to sell in our stores.” I take this and translate it for our R&D team and help Clorox make choices in chemistries and in packaging that will meet our customers’ needs and our own internal standards.

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