An Earth Month Call to Action

An Earth Month Call to Action

By Jerome Peribere

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Monday, April 25, 2016 - 5:00pm


Last Friday, 175 countries signed the previously agreed upon Paris Agreement on Climate Change at the UN in New York. In the agreement, all countries pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and place a larger focus on climate temperatures. It was the perfect way to commemorate Earth Day by signing this historic agreement, and we applaud the foresight of and commitment from our global leaders. Implementing the Paris Agreement here in the United States—which includes successful implementation of the Clean Power Plan—will enable and encourage American businesses and investors to develop and invest in technologically advanced, low-carbon solutions that are not only good for business, but also a source of competitive advantage. We welcome US leadership on climate action and encourage lawmakers to take swift, common sense actions here at home. As I stated in December following COP 21, we are fully committed to reducing our impact and proud to stand as a signatory to Business Backs a Low Carbon USA.

At Sealed Air, we’re well on our way to reducing our carbon footprint and mitigating the effects of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and climate change. Our 2020 Sustainability Goals detail our aggressive commitments in our own operations, our product solutions, and the communities we serve. Furthermore, we’re reducing our global impact and we’re finding better ways to leverage our use of resources. Not only are we reducing the climate change impact of our own operations, but our product solutions reduce the impact of our customers’ operations as well. And we’re not just focusing on renewables, we’re eliminating waste entirely – for our customers and in the supply chain.

We cannot see an impact in global climate change alone. Businesses, households, and countries alike, must work together to see positive change. As we close Earth Month, I encourage consumers, businesses, and countries to change your thought process and habits when it comes to your use of natural and man-made resources. We can take small steps that add up to big impacts globally, and we can find innovative ways to improve how we conserve, reduce, and reuse. It’s up to all of us, as stewards of the environment, to ensure these precious resources are available for many, many generations to come.   

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