Domestic Violence: Good News/Bad News

May 1, 2014 11:05 AM ET

Inspiring Beauty Through Caring

Since you could probably use a little good news today, I’ll give you the best first.

Domestic violence rates have stayed low in the last decade. The Bureau of Justice released those statistics earlier in the month.

That’s cause to celebrate, right? After all, that’s our goal. We want to reduce domestic violence.

However, there’s an interesting twist.

Our friends at the National Network to End Domestic Violence looked at the numbers a little differently and found the number of requests for domestic violence services going up. NNEDV’s One-Day Census report reveals that more than 9,000 requests for services couldn’t be met in one day because the safe shelters lacked resources. You can view the full report at

So … what can we do?

Get involved at the local level. Find a shelter in your area, and see what they need.

I found that the shelter nearest me has a list of items they need posted right on its website. Simple things like bread, laundry detergent, fruit, paper products, toiletries.

Some shelters have resale shops where you can donate all those clothes you never wear.

Other shelters take all those hotel soaps you bring home but never use.

You might find your niche volunteering in a children’s program or a career mentor to one of the women.

The possibilities vary by shelter. So what are you waiting for? Check out how you can make a difference for the shelter near you. Then, let us know what you do!

Stacy Frye Graves is contributing editor of The Mary Kay FoundationSM blog. You can reach her at or follow her on social media at: or!/stacy.f.graves.