Designing for Health, Wellness, and Sustainability: Turning the Mirror on Eastman

Designing for Health, Wellness, and Sustainability: Turning the Mirror on Eastman

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 11:30am

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In the past, Eastman Innovation Lab has led projects focused on material innovation. This year we decided to do things a little differently. Karten:Design, a product innovation firm located in Los Angeles, California, asked to collaborate with the Eastman Innovation Lab on a project focused on health, wellness, and sustainability. Using their research-driven and human focused approach to problem solving, they studied Eastman’s health, wellness, and sustainability programs focusing on food and how it is distributed to its employees.

The project applies design research and innovation to solve a challenge that many corporations face today; eating healthy at work. 

“Eastman sees design as a tool to help the company create change,” said Cathy Dodd, director of downstream engagement and design at Eastman. “We believe that innovation can solve big societal problems, such as making health and wellness accessible. Karten:Design, with a 30-year history designing both medical and consumer products, was the perfect partner in this mission.”

Karten’s design researchers spent a week immersed in Eastman’s three-square-mile campus, interviewing and observing employees in their offices, break rooms, and cafeterias. This research uncovered systematic and emotional barriers to health and wellness, such as time constraints, access, and personal identities connected with food. They then applied their findings to an existing knowledge base in creating effective behavior change—an expertise the team has built through its future-forward medical and consumer health projects. 

In the end, Karten:Design presented concepts that engage employees in positive behavior change. “We believe that taking an innovative and human-focused approach could help increase employee productivity,” says Stuart Karten, founder of Karten:Design.

Currently, Karten:Design and Eastman are putting together a diverse team to test and refine selected concepts with the hopes of moving the project forward. 

Karten:Design hopes that these efforts will be scalable to other corporatations and inspire companies to think more holistically about employee health, wellness, and sustainability—a challenge that resonates across corporate America.


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