The Dark Shadow of Climate Change Politics

The Dark Shadow of Climate Change Politics

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 10:15am

It’s disheartening that climate change remains a politically charged issue, particularly since its consequences affect everyone, everywhere, in all geographies and walks of life.

Just this week, I’ve seen stories about how the Chamber of Commerce is now lobbing against the Environmental Protection Agency, backing legislation that would diminish the EPA’s ability to regulate emissions from power plants, claiming that the Clean Air Act is “not the appropriate vehicle to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.” Huh?

Despite the elephant-sized disconnect in the Chamber of Commerce’s argument, the organization asserts that limits on greenhouse gas emissions for power plants will raise power prices with “negative implications extending to nearly every segment of the economy.” Clearly, these folks are so blinded by their struggle to cling to remnant business models that they are missing the beckoning call of innovation. Rather than engaging in what will inevitably be a losing battle, it seems they’d be better off investing their time and capital into developing disruptive technologies will open up new opportunities for enhanced financial gain.


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