CSE Certified CSR Practitioner

CSE Certified CSR Practitioner

Chicago Sustainability Training Workshop Series
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - 7:00am

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IEMA Certified Sustainability Workshop Series Presented by CSE

The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) in North America is proud to announce the attendance and Key Note address of Dr. George Nassos, Director of the Center for Sustainable Enterprise at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). CSE will be hosting its IEMA Workshop titled, “Certified CSR Practitioner IEMA Approved”, this September 1-2 for the first time in Chicago. This certified workshop will give each participant the opportunity to earn a certificate designating them as Qualified to originate and manage a Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability program within their organization. 


Prior to joining IIT-Stuart, Dr. Nassos spent 16 years in the chemical industry with International Minerals & Chemical Corp, which included being the Managing Director of IMC’s Dutch and German subsidiaries over a four-year period. He then spent the next 16 years in the environmental industry working for the Chemical Waste Management subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc.   His last position with Waste Management was General Manager of the Fiber Fuels Division of the Cemtech LP subsidiary, and was responsible for developing a business for the production of a solid fuel from renewable resources (such as non-recyclable fibers and plastic film), which was used as a coal substitute.


His primary focus now is developing and teaching sustainable strategies for companies to create a competitive advantage without negatively impacting the environment.  As Director of the Center for Sustainable Enterprise, he leads numerous research projects; organizes conferences, seminars and short courses; George also helped found the Chicago Sustainable Business Alliance.  Dr. Nassos has also conducted short courses on sustainable strategies internationally.  His research activities include developing small wind turbine technology and other renewable energy technologies.


With specialized, detailed and highly focused training, the CSE workshop will cover:


CSR/Sustainable Development Concepts & its Return on Investment

Global Warming & Climate Change Issues

Future trends & legislation in the U.S. & Worldwide on Corporate Responsibility

The Stakeholder Approach & CSR

CSR Communication & Reporting

Global Standards/Models/Guidelines & Tools for practical CSR integration (GRI, UN Global Compact, EFQM)

A CSR Action Plan for your organization (prerequisite for CSR practitioner Qualification)


To request additional information contact CSE at info@cse-northamerica.org


About Centre of Sustainability and Excellence

CSE is a leading advising organization & Think Tank with offices in Chicago, Athens, Brussels and Cyprus specialized in providing sustainable development solutions to various corporations and institutions.  It represents the outcome of the cooperation between experts and scientists, who deal with, apply and provide support in the most advanced practical methodologies towards sustainability, while adhering to social and environmental criteria. Through its network of international partners, CSE offers coaching in a vast array of advising services promoting Sustainability & Excellence to Organizations, Society and Governments. CSE is operating in more than 10 countries.  For more information please visit www.cse-northamerica.org. CSE is proudly situated in the first exclusive Green Business Community in North America, Green Exchange.