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Jan 15, 2014 3:00 PM ET

Values Matter

Today, posted a poll about company values, and as I was answering the questions a few things struck me. The first two questions asked “Have corporate values gained prominence at your workplace in the last year? … In the last five years?” I answered no for each — although I didn’t think “No” reflected that our values actually are very important. I answered no because in the eight+ years I’ve been with the company, our values have always been front and center, not just in the last year or five.

And if I look at Clorox’s 100+ year history, they were alive and well long before I joined. In WWII, when the government rationed chlorine and the War Production Board urged bleach-makers to dilute their products, Clorox declined and chose to sell fewer bottles. At the same time, despite having negotiated long-term contracts at favorable rates before the war, CEO Bill Roth released suppliers from the contracts and paid market prices.

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