Climate Summit: Ready for Change?

Climate Summit: Ready for Change?

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Green Builder Media CEO, Sara Gutterman

Friday, December 5, 2014 - 4:00pm

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It’s a big week for the climate.  Leaders from around the world are meeting in Lima, Peru for the COP20, this year’s United Nations climate summit.  While the meeting in and of itself isn’t groundbreaking—the UN has been hosting similar annual summits since 1992 with the goal of forging a global agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions, this is the first year that the two largest emitters, the United States and China, are showing up with domestic emission reductions commitments in place.

The recent agreement by President Obama and President Xi Jinping, whereby the U.S. committed to cut emissions by 28% by 2025 and China agreed to reach peak emissions by 2030, is one step in a long journey, but an important one that will hopefully spur other countries to make similar climate action commitments.

After two decades of flaccid response and muted action, negotiators are arriving in Lima with cautious optimism that a global climate deal may—finally—be achievable.  Negotiators hope that the meetings lead to an historic agreement that commits every nation to a domestic plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at realistic levels that take into consideration political and economic constraints.

Without a deal, scientists affirm that the planet will become uninhabitable for humans and many other species.  Even with a deal that implements immediate action to dramatically reduce current emissions levels, it’s all but certain that the Earth will become an increasingly more unpleasant place to live.


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