Climate Solutions Trump Politics

Climate Solutions Trump Politics

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Green Builder Media CEO, Sara Gutterman

Monday, July 21, 2014 - 2:50pm

CAMPAIGN: Ethical and Sustainable Living


The politicization of climate change is distressing at best, tragic at worst. Changes in our environment and corresponding extreme weather, rising sea levels, denuded forests, wildfires, flooding, and other such events will affect everyone, everywhere.

In this case, jocund fortune stands tip toe with joyless misfortune—the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters is forcing people to put political agendas aside and develop solutions for our urgent environmental needs.

As an example, in Virginia, members of Congress and Mayors from both parties are confronting rising sea levels, paving the way for new policies that will protect individuals, businesses, and communities throughout the state.

Southeast Virginia is on the front line of climate change—a combination of rising sea levels and sinking land has resulted in a 14-inch sea level rise since 1930, the fastest rate of such change on the eastern seaboard. Republican Mayor of Virginia Beach, Will Sessoms, summed up the region’s general sentiment nicely: “We cannot afford to do nothing,” he said. “It’s time to act.”

Other states, like Massachusetts, are cultivating unprecedented bipartisan alliances. Massachusetts recently released a grid modernization plan, paving the way for increased microgrids, renewable energy, distributed generation, and electric vehicles. The plan encourages utilities to update existing infrastructure and create innovative solutions to reduce power outages, lower peak demand, optimize distributed generation, and improve asset management.


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