Cleantech Crash or Short-Sighted Analytics?

Cleantech Crash or Short-Sighted Analytics?

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Ory Zik, CEO Energy Points Inc. @oryzik

Friday, February 7, 2014 - 9:00am


The 60 Minutes’ program “The Cleantech Crash,” which aired last month claimed that many investors lost money in cleantech. They lost their money as well as American tax payers’ money. Vinod Khosla, in an open letter to CBS, points out the numerous flaws in 60 Minutes’ reporting, while also noting successes in the cleantech industry, which has anything, but crashed.  Nevertheless, the way cleantech is valued and appraised for success, both within the industry and outside of it, lacks accuracy. How can we improve the ability to predict cleantech’s success?

The problem is that technologies are being valued according to today’s energy and materials pricing which may also include vague assumptions about carbon pricing. We should, in fact, also focus on the physics behind these clean technologies, valuing them according to their energy productivity—namely how much clean energy are we getting per unit of fossil fuel.

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Ory Zik, CEO Energy Points Inc. @oryzik
Ory holds a Ph.D. in physics and founded and led a few companies (QuantomiX, HelioFocus). A longtime proponent and creator of clean technologies, he founded Energy Points when he realized the world needed a better, more accurate way to evaluate and understand energy use.