Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) Sustainability Training Workshop Series

Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) Sustainability Training Workshop Series

Chicago, IL

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 - 7:00am

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CSE Sustainability Chicago Workshop on July 1 

The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) in North America proudly hosted its inaugural Sustainability workshop on July 1 in Chicago.  The full workshop featured many prominent organizations in attendance, with representatives from Whole Foods, Armstrong, Arrowsmith, USG, University of Chicago, DePaul University, as well as a special appearance from the Director of IIT’s Center for Sustainable Enterprise, Mr. George Nassos. 

The CSE workshop, titled “How to…Get Started with CSR: From Strategy to Reporting”, focused on the fundamentals of Sustainability, considered by many experts as the more Holistic Green Movement now taking place in the wake of our economic situation. The Chicago Alderman of the 1st ward, Manny Flores, kicked off the workshop with a special appearance and some insight into the city’s mission for going green. 

This full event was proudly hosted at the Green Seal Certified hotel, the Hotel Monaco in the heart of Chicago’s Green Movement, and one of Chicago’s first to earn a Green Seal Certification for its commitment to defending the environment. Steps were taken by CSE to make the event completely Carbon Neutral through a collaboration between CSE and its carbon offsetter, NativeEnergy.   

Topics covered in the Pro Bono event included the fundamental concepts behind Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility and the techniques used to implement them into an organization. The July 1 workshop was a precursor of what to expect from CSE’s Certified CSR Practitioners Workshop coming up in September. 

The CSR Practitioner’s workshop is certified by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), and is designed for all professionals responsible for the management of CSR, Marketing, and Public Relation activities. General Managers, Public Relations Managers and Sustainability and Environmental Professionals will advance their Sustainability understanding, acquire the skill and knowledge that will bring added value and authenticity to their company, and also earn an official business qualification.   

The unique September workshop will proudly be kicked off with the insights of Dr. George Nassos, Director of the IIT Environmental Management Program at the Stuart School of Business. The ultimate goal of this CSE workshop in North America is to provide the tools and training that will instill the growing importance of corporate social responsibility into company strategy and also help organizations demonstrate ethical business practices. This will in turn build corporate and community recognition in sustainable business through the examination of current best practices, as well as add to shareholder value in the long-term. With specialized, detailed and highly focused training, the CSE workshop will cover:  

CSR/Sustainable Development Concepts & its Return on Investment

Global Warming & Climate Change Issues

Future trends & legislation in the U.S. & Worldwide on Corporate Responsibility

The Stakeholder Approach & CSR

CSR Communication & Reporting

Global Standards/Models/Guidelines & Tools for practical CSR integration (GRI, UN Global Compact, EFQM)

A CSR Action Plan for your organization (prerequisite for CSR practitioner Qualification)

To request additional information contact CSE at info@cse-northamerica.org

 About Centre of Sustainability and Excellence

CSE is a leading advising organization & Think Tank with offices in Chicago, Athens, Brussels and Cyprus specialized in providing sustainable development solutions to various corporations and institutions.  It represents the outcome of the cooperation between experts and scientists, who deal with, apply and provide support in the most advanced practical methodologies towards sustainability, while adhering to social and environmental criteria. Through its network of international partners, CSE offers coaching in a vast array of advising services promoting Sustainability & Excellence to Organizations, Society and Governments. CSE is operating in more than 10 countries.  For more information please visit www.cse-northamerica.org. CSE is proudly situated in the first exclusive Green Business Community in North America, Green Exchange.