Celebrate World Population Day

Celebrate World Population Day

PCI-Media Impact participates in 20th Celebration of World Population Day
Friday, July 10, 2009 - 3:00pm

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July 11. 2009 - Investments in education and health for women and girls have been linked to increases in productivity, agricultural yields, and national income — all of which contribute to the achievement of the MDGs, according the the United Nations Population Fund.

Investments by programs focusing on women and girls worldwide, including many of PCI Media Impact's programs in Latin America, Africa, and Asia have raised school enrollment rates (Taru in India), narrowed the gender gap in education (Ushikwapo Shikamana in Kenya), brought life-saving drugs to people living with AIDS, expanded HIV prevention (Con el Viento a Favor in Peru) delivered bed nets to prevent malaria, and improved child health through immunization.

This year's theme is a chance to build awareness of the importance of educating girls to a wide range of development issues, including poverty, human rights and gender equality.

There are many ways to promote this theme:

  • Consider inviting local celebrities to help spread the message.
  • Organize events to generate widespread attention about the importance of girls' education.
  • Spark discussion with seminars, conferences and debates. Host essay and poster contests.
  • Work with community groups to create plays and soap operas.

Encourage women and girls to speak or write about the impact of education in their own life. The messages can come to life when different people from different circumstances share their own experiences and knowledge. A full list of suggested activities is available to inspire your own planning.

Visit UNFPA's World Population Day website to learn more about the celebration, how to participate and the issue.