Booz Allen is dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging involvement in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Read more STEM-related stories in this campaign.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Success Strategies for Women in STEM: Booz Allen Featured in CTI Study, Harvard Business Review
Over half (52 percent) of highly qualified women working for STEM companies leave their jobs, according to research by the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI). Yet one fifth of women currently employed in STEM are in senior-level positions, respected for their expertise, and satisfied with their jobs.

What differentiates the women who stay in STEM and succeed? To find out, CTI conducted a national survey of more than 3,000 individuals and conducted dozens of interviews and focus group conversations. This included talking with Dr. Velma Deleveaux, director, and Susan Penfield, executive vice president and chief innovation officer, from Booz Allen.

Events, Media & Communications

Booz Allen Hamilton, SEED SPOT, AWIS, The Vinetta Project, and BEACON DC Hosted Women-in-Tech Pitch Night
Booz Allen Hamilton, SEED SPOT, the Association for Women in Science (AWIS), the Vinetta Project, and BEACON DC co-hosted an action-packed Pitch Night on Friday, December 7th. The event showcased the innovative ventures of women entrepreneurs who are creating tech-enabled solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Booz Allen Announces 13 New Women of Color STEM Awardees
Thirteen Booz Allen employees working in health, aerospace, corporate affairs, and beyond received the Women of Color (WoC) STEM Awards at the annual Women of Color STEM Conference on October 11–13 in Detroit, Michigan.

Diversity & Inclusion

“Wonder Women” in STEM Continue to Thrive, Redefine the Traditional Career Path for the Next Generation
Although STEM employers spend billions of dollars to improve gender equality in their fields, women still face huge obstacles. Many highly-qualified women feel stuck in their careers, and more than half quit their jobs over time, according to Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) research. To address this, CTI’s new study, “Wonder Women in STEM and the Companies that Champion Them,” uses a data-driven approach to identify strategies linked to increased retention and career advancement for women, and shares insights from women who have achieved success in STEM careers. Booz Allen is one of the sponsors of this research.


STEM Girls 4 Social Good: Partnering with the FDA to Encourage the Next Generation of Women in STEM
Women comprise 47 percent of the U.S. workforce, but they hold only 24 percent of jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), according to research from the Economics and Statistics Administration. Though women are earning a greater share of undergraduate degrees overall, they are less likely to pursue STEM-related education.

Booz Allen is on a mission to close the STEM gender gap. Enter STEM Girls 4 Social Good (SG4SG), an initiative that empowers middle and high school-aged girls to learn STEM concepts and apply them to society's most pressing problems. The signature event of SG4SG, which ultimately seeks to inspire early excitement around science, math, and technology, is a week-long learning experience each summer.

Diversity & Inclusion

Booz Allen Goes BIG for Women in STEM
Over the past six years, Booz Allen Hamilton has worked to fuse advanced technical capabilities with its 100-year consulting heritage. That journey has led the company to the intersection of two careers with underrepresentation by women at every level: management consulting and technology. Now, the women of Booz Allen are uniting to achieve gender parity by addressing unconscious bias throughout the employee lifecycle.


On "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" Day, Learn How Booz Allen Is Teaching Girls to Love STEM
Each day, Booz Allen Hamilton empowers people to change the world—but you might not know that many of those people are school-aged girls. In order to address the gender gap in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, where women and minorities remain vastly underrepresented, the firm is committed to introducing girls to engineering concepts and fostering a love of STEM.


How to Keep Girls Passionate About STEM? Lead by Example
What better way to keep girls interested in STEM than by showing them what a future career could look like? On November 19, 100 Washington, D.C. area Girl Scouts experienced a day in the life of a microbiologist, a civil engineer, an industrial designer, and a computer programmer at Booz Allen Hamilton’s Make the Connection (MTC) mentor program event, held in partnership with Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital.

Diversity & Inclusion

iRelaunch Gets Women in STEM Back to Work After Gap Years
During the course of their careers, many highly- skilled professional women will take time away from the workforce—for maternity leave, to care for elderly parents, or due to a spouse’s career change. But after an extended time away, re-entering the job market can seem daunting or down right impossible. It doesn’t have to be.


STEM Girls for Social Good: Empowering Girls to Change the World
Why aren't women pursuing careers in STEM fields? Meet the problem solver at Booz Allen Hamilton who’s working to bridge the diversity gap and empower the next generation of women to change the world. Meet Cheryl Wade.

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