Eastman Technology Behind Emergency Hydration for Disaster Relief

Eastman Technology Behind Emergency Hydration for Disaster Relief

Eastman Chemical Company’s expertise in manufacturing with sustainable cellulosic materials is behind the technology of HydroPack™, the emergency hydration solution for disaster relief from Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI).

HydroPacks are powered by a seemingly magical filtration technology called Forward Osmosis, achieved through HTI’s proprietary membrane that is manufactured from Eastman’s cellulose acetate. Forward Osmosis is a natural equilibrium process where two liquids are separated by a membrane that allows only water molecules to pass.

There is no better tool to use in the early phase of a disaster. Eastman is proud to leverage our expertise and provide innovative solutions to help enable potentially lifesaving products like the HydroPack. 
Mark Costa- Executive Vice President, Specialty Polymers, Coatings and Adhesives and Chief Marketing Officer, Eastman

It’s easy for us to go out and focus on an industrial and commercial world and retail customers and military users the world over with this technology, but we think it’s part of our social responsibility as a corporation to see to it that this technology is made available to people who can definitely benefit from it and don’t readily have access to it. So we hope that relief agencies and governments that are involved in trying to handle those situations will take note of the product and see that it’s got broad applicability and capabilities that they can benefit from.
Walt Schultz- CEO, HTI

We've taken the need that an individual in a disaster will have for hydration and we've have put that into the final product for the HydroPack. So the drink is more than just clean water. It includes nutrients, it includes calories and it includes electrolytes. Everything that is  needed for complete hydration.
Keith Lampi- COO, HTI

It's almost like magic - forward osmosis. It's as old as the Earth and yet, it's not something you expect. You put this bag in a filthy, dirty ditch and it creates an absolutely pure drink that's hydrating and delicious. So when we thought about that in its application in terms of disaster relief, we realized that this was a very simple technology that would guarantee clean fluids to people in need and that was a very attractive idea.
Nathan Jones- Humanitarian Product Specialist, HTI

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