Dow Sustainability Report 2019

With the publication of this report, we are announcing new, progressive, multi-decade targets around advancing a circular economy and climate protection. Building on our 2025 Sustainability Goals, these targets are designed to put us on a path to achieve carbon neutrality, eliminate plastic waste in our environment and increase our positive impacts for our customers, society and our business.

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Health & Healthcare

Helping To Increase Access To Handwashing During a Global Pandemic
If we are serious about confronting the challenges of our times – challenges such as COVID-19 and climate change – industry must collaborate with other sectors and change the way we plan and manage water resources.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Making Our Operations Less Carbon Intensive
Products made by chemistry are vital to many low-carbon technologies, including the “built environment,” medicine and mobility. Yet the industrial processes to make these products are both energy and CO2-intensive.


Valuing Nature To Fight Climate Change
Dow has teamed up with Restore the Earth Foundation to revitalize and restore the world’s oldest and most powerful carbon capture technology – nature’s forests.


Working With Nature: Improving Ecosystems and Business Costs
Five years ago, Dow made a big bet. This bet was based on the premise that there was a lot of unaccounted value from nature, and a lot of nature-based solutions to be discovered for business problems.

Sustainable Development Goals

Collaborating to Conserve Freshwater at Our Water-stressed Sites
After more than a decade of collaboration and investment, our manufacturing site in Terneuzen in The Netherlands is closing in on achieving an ambitious goal: to eliminate the structural use of non-sustainable freshwater supply.

Innovation & Technology

Accelerating Innovation to Tackle Plastic Waste
The Alliance to End Plastic Waste has joined forces with Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play Tech Centre to help kick-start innovation to help minimize plastic waste, make recycling and recovering plastics easier, and create value from post-use plastics.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Engaging Team Dow: The Far-Reaching Impact of Embedding Sustainability Into Our Culture
“From São Paulo, Brazil, to Babakan, Indonesia, our people are fostering breakthrough innovations and community-level programs that are providing real-world solutions to tough sustainability issues,” said Mary Draves, Dow’s chief sustainability officer and vice president, Environment, Health & Safety.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Linking Technology and a Sustainable Supply Chain
Supply chains are an important link to sustainability and safety at Dow, and technology is increasingly helping to improve resource efficiency, transparency and collaboration.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Investing in Renewable Energy Benefits the Environment and Business
Our business is energy-intensive, so having an energy portfolio that makes us less dependent on carbon prices and helps us reduce our carbon intensity makes sense.
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