BSR Report 2013-2014 Case Study | Clean Cargo Working Group: Measuring and Improving the Environmental 
Performance of Ocean Shipping

Dec 4, 2014 9:00 AM ET
Through the Clean Cargo Working Group, BSR works with 85 percent of the shipping industry on climate and environmental performance.

As outlined in a case study from the BSR Report 2013-14, BSR’s Clean Cargo Working Group, founded 10 years ago, now works with 85 percent of the container ship industry to report on and improve the environmental performance of ocean shipping.

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About the BSR Report 2013-2014
The “BSR Report 2013-2014: Transparency and Transformation” shares the organization’s vision of the transformative change needed to advance progress on sustainable business. In the opening essay of the Report, BSR explores the most significant trends in transparency that are reshaping business, and outlines six changes that every company, and every business leader, can promote to advance transformation—from changing market rules and reforming corporate governance to innovating business models and measuring the things that really matter. The Report features seven case studies, a discussion of BSR’s work on measuring impact, and more.

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