Booz Allen Partners With MCON to Inspire Social Change

Jul 5, 2016 10:25 AM ET
Photo of Chase Tralka, associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

Social change takes passion. It takes ideas. It takes people who want to turn interest into action.

This was the driving force behind the Millennial Engagement Conference, known simply as MCON. Each year the three-day conference lands in a different city to gather leaders, social activists and entrepreneurs from around the globe. Together, the group generates ideas and develops creative solutions to today’s toughest challenges. Topics range from emerging technology, to public service, inclusive entrepreneurship and social justice. This year’s DC-based conference on June 23 welcomed visitors to attend in person or online, and were encouraged to sit in on a variety of panel discussions, speaking events, and social scenes.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Rising Leaders Forum, an employee group dedicated to helping young professionals become leaders, hosted a reception for MCON participants at the firm’s new DC Innovation Center. "The Rising Leaders Forum (RLF) aims to help young professionals at the firm develop their careers through networking, professional development, and community service," said Booz Allen Associate Chase Tralka (pictured, above). “The goals embodied by MCON align perfectly with the role RLF plays at our firm for millennials and all young professionals. This partnership was an excellent way to further advance our shared aspirations."

Booz Allen’s Director of Brand, Michael Dumlao, spoke to conference attendees about the importance of diversity, acceptance, and creating safe spaces for people of all backgrounds. “We must use the transformative power in our grasp to change the world so that the world itself is a safe space where we are free to be who we are,” he said. “So that being true to one’s self isn’t an act of courage, but an act of being,” he added.

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