From Boots to Business: American Legion Helps Heroes Make the Transition

From Boots to Business: American Legion Helps Heroes Make the Transition

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From Boots to Business: Resources for Veterans Seeking Employment

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 9:15am


Jonathan Serrie from Fox News recently did a story from the American Legion’s 96th National Convention (Aug. 26, 2014), talking about what the organization is doing to help veterans ease their transition to civilian life. During the convention, veterans participated in a job fair and workshops. Workshops covered everything from improving resumes and interview skills for vets seeking employment with government agencies or private firms, toalso helping them with skills they would need to start their own business. This has been coined “vetrepreneurship” and is a booming concept.

Serrie noted that the transition from service to employment has been especially difficult for those who joined the military after September 11, 2001 (the government classifies them as “Gulf War-era II" veterans). The unemployment rate in July 2014 was 9.2 percent for this group (for non-veterans, the rate is 6.2 percent).

Serrie interviewed several recent veterans for his story, identifying the basic challenges facing many vets. It boiled down to several key areas. 

  • Money – Finances are a huge issue for many returning veterans, whether they want to start their own business, go back to school or obtain skills to get their dream job.
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Barbara Hernandez