Beauty That Counts: Everyone’s A Winner!

Beauty That Counts: Everyone’s A Winner!

Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 3:15pm


It really doesn’t matter what the scenario, it is awesome to win something. As a kid, the only way you could get me to the doctor’s office was because there was a treasure chest of prizes at the end of the visit. In college I signed up for anything as long as doing so meant I “won” a free t-shirt. I think one of the great things about Mary Kay Inc. is how much we focus on rewarding both independent sales force members and employees. I feel like a winner every day at work.

You might think that too many rewards would somehow lessen the value of a win, but it doesn’t. There are some cases where too much of a good thing is actually a great thing. That’s why I love Mary Kay’s approach to the One Woman Can™ Global Makeover Contest. This year more than 150 independent beauty consultants, employees, and fans of Mary Kay around the world became winners. Better still – each winner got to pick the charity of her choice to win as well. A great thing indeed!

Worldwide, nearly $500,000 dollars was awarded to organizations benefitting women and children. You can learn more about the Mary Kay One Woman Can™ Global Makeover Contest winners and their stories by visiting and watching the video here. In looking through the gallery of winners, it’s plain to see that they are all beautiful women both inside and out. Reading through their stories shows how passionate each woman is about enriching women’s lives. Now, with help from Mary Kay, they’re able to turn their passion in to cash for a charity of their choosing. Talk about a win-win situation!

Today’s blog post is from Lacey Long. Lacey has worked at Mary Kay Inc. for just under a year in Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is a New Jersey native and Rutgers University alumna.