On America Recycles Day, GreenBlue’s How2Recycle Program Gains Momentum: Welcomes Target to Growing List of Participants

On America Recycles Day, GreenBlue’s How2Recycle Program Gains Momentum: Welcomes Target to Growing List of Participants

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Friday, November 15, 2013 - 12:00am

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Target is the newest member of GreenBlue’s How2Recycle Label program, joining 20 other participating companies committed to helping consumers properly recycle their products by providing clear and consistent on-package instructions. Starting in December, Target guests will see the How2Recycle Label on some of the plastic shipping envelopes from their Target.com orders. Later in 2014, guests will also begin seeing the label on select Target Up & Up owned-brand products.

How2Recycle is an on-package recycling label program that gives clear, concise instructions to consumers about how to recycle a package, and was developed by GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition and a group of external collaborators including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and trade associations. Specifically, the How2Recycle Store Drop-off Label, which will appear on some of the Target.com shipping envelopes, encourages retail collection of plastic films. A variety of these plastic shipping envelopes and other plastic films are recyclable at more than 15,000 participating store drop-off locations, including Target stores.

GreenBlue Senior Manager Anne Bedarf explains, “Many consumers are confused about what they can recycle, and how to properly do it. The How2Recycle Label helps fix this problem by clearly communicating how and where certain materials should be recycled in a transparent and clear way.” Consumers can visit www.how2recycle.info to find recycling locations from curbside bins to store drop-off locations.

Today’s consumers, and the companies they buy from, share a common goal in that they want to recycle. The How2Recycle Label makes that easier by providing a clear labeling system that enables businesses to convey to consumers how to properly recycle a package.

About How2Recycle
How2Recycle is a program of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The SPC’s goal is to have How2Recycle appear on the majority of consumer goods packaging by 2016, creating a harmonized labeling system that effectively communicates the recyclability of a package. How2Recycle provides a consistent and concise recycling labeling system that is compliant with the Federal Trade Commission Green Guides. Any company interested in joining How2Recycle, or interested in obtaining a fee sponsorship, should visit www.how2recycle.info/how2join and contact Anne Bedarf at anne.bedarf@greenblue.org.

Fee sponsorships are made possible through the support of the Flexible Film Recycling Group (FFRG) of the American Chemistry Council and sponsorships remain available for companies using How2Recycle for plastic bags, wraps, and films.

About the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and GreenBlue
GreenBlue® is a nonprofit that shapes the business of sustainability. We arm the agents of change with the science and resources needed to make business more sustainable. GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition® is a membership group that brings together business, educational institutions, and government agencies to collectively broaden the understanding of packaging sustainability and develop meaningful improvements for packaging solutions.




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