Alert for June 6, 2011 Water - Seasonal Issue for Some Is Crucial Year ‘Round to Others

Jun 8, 2011 5:35 PM ET

AC Alert for June 6, 2011 Water - Seasonal Issue for Some Is Crucial Year ‘Roun…

When major sections of the country experience prolonged hot dry weather, as we are seeing now in portions of the South and West, red flags go up about water quality and quantity. Many local governments establish water remediation plans, with various levels of participation required of area residents and businesses, depending upon the severity of the situation. However, there are many parts of the country and the world where the assurance of plentiful potable water is a concern all year ‘round. 

Consider this:

“Demand for water is projected to outstrip supply by a staggering 40 percent by 2030, and an estimated half the world’s population are likely to live in areas of high water stress by the same year.” (Source:Carbon Disclosure Project 2010 Report.)  Despite a tremendous amount of publicity generated in recent years the situation is getting worse rather than getting better. The combined factors of over-population, climate change and increased use per capita are all causing water stresses, although unevenly, throughout the globe. 

Current impacted areas in the news include: portions of the Southwestern and Southeastern United States; China; India; Ireland; the Middle East region; Australia; and many countries in Africa.  Fortunately, the long-term threat is being recognized. All over the globe, governments, corporations and activists groups are bringing the problem to the forefront and helping to craft and influence both short and long term solutions.

The editors at Accountability Central recognized this critical need early on and sought to play an important role in the information-dissemination process by establishing a special Hot Topic section -- Water Quality and Quantity -- in 2008. Since this section was first created our editors have screened literally tens of thousands of news articles, commentaries and research reports and have posted over 1,000 documents and links. Frankly, we will never see ourselves running out of material to digest, edit and post as this issue is going to continue to be a critical one in the years ahead.

Consider some of these recent articles from the 
AC Water Hot Topic Section:

Plan for China’s Water Crisis Spurs Concern
(Source: The New York Times) The Chinese government's plan to address the drought in North China by diverting at least six trillion gallons of water each year hundreds of miles from the Yangtze River has many Chinese scientists concerned.

U.K. Explorer Suspends Shale Gas Drilling After Earthquake
(Source: Bloomberg) Cuadrilla Resources Ltd., a U.K. based shale explorer, suspended hydraulic fracturing near Blackpool in northern England due to concerns that it may have triggered an earthquake in the region. The company will evaluate data on the May 27th event from the British Geological Surveyand the Department of Energy and Climate change before restarting the project.

20 former world leaders discuss looming water crisis
(Source: AFP) Twenty former heads of state, including former US President Bill Clinton, have warned of an impending "water crisis" and agreed to establish a panel that will tackle a worldwide leadership gap on the issue. The retired leaders, among them ex-Mexican president Vicente Fox and formerJapanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, said the panel would work to raise the issue's political prominence in order to avert looming problems with worldwide water supply.

New York Sues U.S. Over Delaware River Basin Gas Drilling
(Source: Bloomberg) New York State has filed a lawsuit against the federal government charging that they have not adequately studied how natural gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin would affect 9 million water drinkers in New York.

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