#3BLchat – ‘CSR / Sustainability Reporting: A Marathon Not a Sprint’

#3BLchat – ‘CSR / Sustainability Reporting: A Marathon Not a Sprint’

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 12:30pm

CSR and Sustainability Reports have come a long way, mostly. With increasing numbers of private sector organisations than ever before now formally producing non-financial reports, and amidst an energetic evolution of reporting frameworks, 3BL Media wanted to facilitate the exploration of how leading companies best engage with stakeholders.

We invited Henk Campher, SVP Business + Social Purpose, and MD Sustainability at Edelman and Guy Morgan, Director of Advisory Services at BSR to share their expert knowledge and fuel a 60 minute #3BLchat powered debate.

In the relatively short time period the conversation covered many of the major aspects of reporting communications and engagement, and received direct insight and best practice examples from professionals at global giants such as Cisco, Dell, SAP, Sodexo, AMD and Marks & Spencer.

As expected there were strong recurring themes around balancing data provision with storytelling, how to sustain communication all year round, understanding varying stakeholders preferred communication channels and how to inject disruption and innovation into the process.  

Here’s a brief sample of the conversation…

Henk Campher - @AngryAfrican: A1c And you must go beyond the "what" & focus on the why, where & how. Be disruptive, engaging, digital etc. Why should I care? #3BLchat

Guy Morgan - @gnmorgan77: A4 Let data drive stories as proofpoints. Accentuate stories outside report 2 drive home point http://bit.ly/1jBbEd8  #3BLchat

John Friedman - @JohnFriedman: Engage with stake holders throughout the year, not just when promoting #csr report. It needs to be ongoing dialogue #3blchat

Iliyana Stareva - @IliyanaStareva: @3BLMedia A report published entirely on #Instagram - I thought that was brilliant! #3BLchat #CSR #Sustainability 

Tim Mohin - @TimMohinAMD: Companies must overcome natural distrust. Tough to balance all the factors of disclosure, engagement, and meaningful results #3BLchat

Cisco CSR - @CiscoCSR: Q3a:One way we engage with our stakeholders long term is to work with our suppliers on their #CSR practices: http://cs.co/60135j2Z  #3BLchat

Henk Campher - @AngryAfrican: A8b Problem comes in when people think GRI G4 or integrated reporting is the goal. It’s not. That’s just data. #3BLchat

Cindy Schneider - ‏@CJ_Schneider1: #3blchat @Domtarpaper http://bit.ly/OaAYNx  & @SappiNA  http://bit.ly/MAEJux   broke down their reports to keep them "sustainable" & alive

For a full list of the questions, Henk’s and Guy’s answers, plus highlights from the community check out our Storify version here.


Keyfacts shared:

  • Total reports now over 6500 (but 180 million businesses out there)
  • First time reporting numbers peaked at just over 1200 in 2010
  • Around 50% of all reports are from European organisations

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