Why Health Engagement Matters

Why Health Engagement Matters

By Thomas G. Bognanno

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 8:00am

Whether in terms of individual health, medical statistics, social well-being or workplace productivity, health concerns and wellness issues are not being adequately addressed in the workplace.  Many companies are paying twice as much for less medical coverage than they did just a decade ago.  If current trends continue, this is only going to make a bad situation much worse as we look to 2016 and beyond.  How to provide help with this issue is what keeps us up at night at Community Health Charities, and why we are on the front lines of finding ways to connect employers with the best charitable health solutions providers in the country.

And the health issues facing employers and employees are worrisome. Three out of ten workers have serious high blood pressure and cholesterol issues, and 60 percent of those workers are taking daily medications to control the impact. Another significant portion of their employees deal daily with costly and disruptive disorders such as diabetes, asthma and mental health matters such as stress, anxiety and depression and related issues such as alcohol and drug dependency. Adding to this sobering picture is that while many employers worry about the approaching retirement of the boomer generation, most haven’t done anything to gauge the potential impact of their aging workforces – nor are most employers doing any effective planning on how to deal with it. Read more...


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