Why Aren’t You Getting a Flu Shot, and Could Uber Encourage You?

Why Aren’t You Getting a Flu Shot, and Could Uber Encourage You?

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 9:40am

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If you’d like to get a flu shot, but can’t seem to get to a clinic, how about asking Uber to bring the flu shot to you? On Thursday, November 19, Uber will be working with Epidemico, Inc., a health data analysis company, which is owned by Booz Allen Hamilton, to deliver that service through the UberHEALTH program. The results from an optional survey conducted afterward will be combined with other data and analyzed to seek a better understanding of how to boost vaccination rates.  Convenience and accessibility are often cited as barriers to vaccinations.

Information about UberHEALTH, which will be available between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. in 36 locations across the country is here.  The program costs $10 for delivery of a wellness pack and includes the option for free vaccinations, which will be administered by a Passport Health nurse.

Uber and Epidemico conducted a pilot last year in four locations, and the analysis of data gathered from a survey following the program  indicated that more than 78% of survey respondents said ease of delivery of the vaccine was “very important” to their decision to be vaccinated.

Epidemico currently operates HealthMap Vaccine Finder an easy-to-use website to find a variety of vaccinations available in any location, and will include the Uber locations in its database to gather information about those seeking a flu shot and their locations, said Robin Heffernan, Epidemico president.   It will also analyze survey data collected by Uber from clients who received the flu prevention service, and combine that data with a wide range of other information to generate insights on what factors most significantly impact the vaccination rate.

Ultimately, the results can shed light on why, for instance, people aren’t getting flu shots in an area where they are easily available, Heffernan said. Is it because of circumstances in that locale, is it just a convenience issue, or are there other factors?  Hopefully, more answers will be in the results.