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Friday, May 2, 2014 - 9:05am

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What is is an online career management system designed exclusively for veterans seeking to develop their professional careers. is NOT a job board. specializes in profile-matching veterans to career opportunities.

Why is better than traditional job boards? is a recruitment service – not a job board or another self-help resource, which are only marginally successful and inefficient. It was custom built using an algorithm specifically to match veterans’ skill sets and employers. Both talent and employers create career profiles that are the basis for our matching system. The talent outlines what they’re seeking in the role in terms of specific interests, requirements, and the attributes they possess, and employers do the same. Employers receive pre-screened, pre-qualified talent that aligns completely with their needs.

Why did you create In the next five years more than one million veterans will return home, seeking family-supporting jobs. We believe these men and women deserve a debt of gratitude for their service to our country. We also know that unemployment rates for veterans are usually higher than non-veterans. Sometimes veterans have a difficult time translating their significant military skills to business lingo. uses a sophisticated algorithm to translate military experience to civilian skill sets. An opportunity is identified when employer requirements match 100% of veterans’ criteria. Then it’s up to the veteran to contact the employer.

What’s different about from other options? First, it’s FREE for veterans. They can access career opportunities from top employers around the world who hire veterans. Anytime military personnel are ready to begin their job search, they can create profiles and manage career opportunities while they’re fulfilling duty commitments. It’s also confidential. The leadership at carefully manages employer relations, helping them interpret military skill sets to discover career options that best serve veterans. Only opportunities that meet basic criteria make the cut, ending the time-consuming task of filtering through mountains of job postings.

What is the cost to join Veterans always join for free. For a limited time, companies that hire veterans may also join for free.

Where are the company headquarters? Saratoga Springs, New York. There is also an Operations Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Want to learn more? Check out or contact Al Marco,

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