Ventilation Cost Calculator: Balancing Efficiency with Flow

Ventilation Cost Calculator: Balancing Efficiency with Flow

Ever wondered if you need ventilation. If so, how much, what kind, and most importantly, what will it add to the energy bill?
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AirCycler Ventilation Cost Calculator


Green Builder Media

Friday, May 22, 2015 - 7:00am

CAMPAIGN: Indoor Air Quality


AirCycler's easy-to-use Annual Ventilation Cost Calculator has answers.

We all know that opening a window or having a drafty house adds to energy bills. So, if your home is of an age before the ready availability of home or energy recovery ventilation (HRV/ERV), what do you do to get needed healthy ventilation without adding too much to the energy bill? AirCycler is attempting to overcome the false perception “that bringing fresh air into these tight homes without recovery (HRV/ERV) incurs outrageous energy costs.”

Ventilation is crucial to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). An unventilated home can have more indoor air pollution than outdoors. Poorly ventilated homes can trap excess moisture that promotes dangerous mold. Such buildings can also have dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, radon and the chemicals that leech out of household furnishings and products, such as wall and window coverings, furniture and cabinetry and cleaning products.