Understanding Healthcare Needs, Protecting Patient Safety

Understanding Healthcare Needs, Protecting Patient Safety

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.@eastmanchemco understands the needs of the medical device market & creates materials to meet the demands of aggressive hospital cleaning protocols. Learn more about how they are teaming up to make a material difference. #EastmanTritan #materialsmatter http://bit.ly/2N4biAw
Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - 10:00am

Eastman has an unyielding commitment to make a positive impact on the markets, customers, communities and employees that we serve. As we continue to achieve our goals, we do so by leveraging our unique capabilities and expertise and working closely with world-class partners.

Challenge + Partner + Eastman = Impact

Hospitals are working hard to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). This requires the use of stronger disinfectants and the need for tougher devices that can withstand frequent cleaning.

Clorox Healthcare, an industry leader with disinfectants that healthcare facilities trust, partnered with Eastman to offer a solution that can withstand rigorous use and disinfectants while offering increased durability and product failure reductions.

“Eastman understands the needs of the medical device marketplace and creates materials to meet the demands of aggressive HAI cleaning protocols. Eastman’s testing shows that the type of plastic used in these sensitive applications is critical to patient safety and device reliability.” — Laurie Rabens, Clorox Healthcare 

By joining forces, Eastman and Clorox are improving disinfectants, strengthening devices and protecting patient safety. As hospitals use more aggressive disinfectants and take other measures to reduce HAIs, medical equipment is increasingly subject to repetitive failures. Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is a revolutionary material able to withstand aggressive environmental rigors.

The brands you trust to keep your home safe and clean are now doing the same for healthcare.

“Making equipment properly so it can be disinfected and therefore be safer for patients — any company that chooses to go down that path is a good partner for hospitals, and those are the companies we want to do business with.” — Alan Levine, Executive Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ballad Health

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