UN Says 2015 Will be “The Year of Sustainability”-The Minute

UN Says 2015 Will be “The Year of Sustainability”-The Minute

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Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 4:30pm


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2015 is a landmark year for the United Nations. It’s the 70th year since its founding in 1945, after the most destructive war in history. Without its efforts over the last seven decades, today’s world would be worse off in terms of social justice, human rights, and peace, no matter how qualified those ideals may seem to be currently. But, says UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, the year also looks to be significant in another area: sustainability.

Three high-level, international meetings in the coming year will provide opportunities to map a more sustainable future, says Ban. The first will be the International Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa in July, followed by the special Summit at UN Headquarters in September, where world leaders will create a new development agenda, including a set of sustainable development goals that will provide a blueprint for action to 2030. Then, in December, the year ends at the UN Climate Conference in Paris, where the plan is to adopt a universal and meaningful climate agreement. Says Ban, “In 2015 we have the opportunity to move humankind towards the future we want. We must meet this test and usher in a new era of sustainability, for all.”

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