Trans*forming Workplace Cultures

Trans*forming Workplace Cultures

Friday, June 16, 2017 - 9:55am

CAMPAIGN: Bloomberg: Global Diversity & Inclusion

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Over the past few years, the trans* agenda has really made its way to the fore. Of all the LGBT+ communities it has historically been the least discussed and understood, and even as recently as 5 years ago, references to binary and non-binary gender identities were unheard of. However the rise in inclusion within popular culture has really helped increase awareness of the trans* community and the challenges it can face.

As is often the case, business has been reflective of society, and we’ve seen an increased focus from our member firms on trans* inclusion and initiatives. Many of our members have published trans* resources and a number of high profile role models have spoken out at events and in the media.

In March, we celebrated Trans* Day of Visibility (TDoV) and there was lots of activity from firms across our member network.


Bloomberg in particular demonstrated how important it is for messages like this to be seeded from the most senior level of an organisation. To demonstrate the company’s commitment to trans* rights and inclusion, the global executive sponsor sent a message about TDoV to all 19,000 employees around the world. There were also screenings in 8 global offices of TRANS – a film chosen for its effective portrayal of the issues, hardships and victories faced by the transgender community – along with an intro and remarks from one of Bloomberg’s trans* employees.

Bloomberg’s final efforts included panel discussions in New York, Singapore, London, Sydney and Skillman featuring panellists who had either transitioned themselves, or had a family member who had transitioned, and experts from trans* support organisations. They also published ‘Transgender visibility: how employees thrive in an inclusive workplace’, a case study about two employees who transitioned whilst at Bloomberg, and one whose partner is transitioning, sharing their experiences and the support given to them by the company.

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