Tiger shows consumers a Good Night Out - Enjoy Responsibly Day 2014-7

Tiger shows consumers a Good Night Out - Enjoy Responsibly Day 2014-7

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 9:00am

CAMPAIGN: Responsible Consumption

CONTENT: Article

Our award-winning Drink Savvy platform– the first website launched by an Asian brewer to educate and engage consumers on responsible consumption – this year unveiled its fourth annual Tiger® ‘How to have a Good Night Out’ campaign. We know that different countries have their own cultural attitudes towards alcohol, and this campaign and platform demonstrate how we are tailoring our approach from region to region to encourage responsible consumption.

Tiger® ‘How to Have a Good Night Out’ is an interactive campaign which promotes responsible drinking habits. This year, the campaign was built around a series of six animated videos which provided ‘tongue-in-cheek’ lessons on how to have a responsible night out, such as Don’t mix your drinks; Pace your drinks with water; and Drink slowly. The animations were popular, being viewed more than 1.1 million times over a period of ten weeks. The videos were viewed on the Drink Savvy platform, as well as on our own social media channels on YouTube and Facebook .

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The Tiger® ‘How to Have a Good Night Out’ campaign and the Drink Savvy platform are excellent examples of how committed we are to encouraging responsible consumption and how we harness the power of our brands to advocate responsible consumption through inspiring global communication programmes. You can read more about how we are making responsible consumption aspirational here.

Brewing a Better Future: It is HEINEKEN's strategy for creating shared, sustainable value: for our company, for society and for the planet. And it is fundamental to how we do business. Developed with our stakeholders and based on insight into global trends, our strategy focuses on the four areas where we can make the biggest difference: water, CO2, local sourcing and responsible consumption. These are underpinned by our values and behaviours: living our values, leading by example, and working together to make a difference.


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