Taproot and BMW Foundation Convene the 3rd Annual Global Pro Bono Summit in Berlin: Unfolding the Potential of Cross-Sector Collaboration

Taproot and BMW Foundation Convene the 3rd Annual Global Pro Bono Summit in Berlin: Unfolding the Potential of Cross-Sector Collaboration

This cross-sector convening of international corporations, pro bono service providers, and German government representatives aims to expand the reach and impact of skills-based volunteering and pro bono service around the world.
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Monday, February 23, 2015 - 10:00am

Berlin, Germany, February 23, 2015 /3BL Media/ -This week in Berlin, representatives from 23 countries are convening for the 3rd Annual Global Pro Bono Summit to address how to provide more high-quality, impactful pro bono service to organizations in need around the world. Summit participants include a network of Global Pro Bono Fellows (an international group of pro bono leaders developed in partnership by BMW Foundation and Taproot Foundation), government representatives, and leaders of multi-national corporations. The Taproot Foundation and BMW Foundation have been co-hosting this annual Summit since 2013 in the United States and for the first time, are pleased to bring the Summit to Germany, and welcome Proboneo as the in-nation co-host. The Summit will be attended by representatives from 23 countries including Japan, Singapore, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Hungary, Canada, Germany and the United States. (Complete list below.)

“The momentum really picked up from the last two Summits in San Francisco and New York. We’ve seen an explosion of interest from our international partners all over the world who believe in the power of pro bono—this year’s conference has grown by 40%. With the 3rd Global Pro Bono Summit being hosted in Berlin, we want to strengthen this movement through our Global Pro Bono Network and take it to the next level in terms of cross-sector collaboration, paying special attention to the public sector,” said Markus Hipp, Chief Executive Officer, BMW Foundation.

The pro bono movement has significantly expanded beyond the legal field. Today, more and more multi-national companies offer their employees opportunities to volunteer their professional expertise to help nonprofits in marketing, strategy, HR, IT and many other areas. According to CECP’s Giving in Numbers 2014 Report, which reports on employee engagement data of over 250 of the world’s leading companies, “pro bono service is the fastest-growing employee engagement program, with half of all companies in the matched set analysis offering programs in 2013, compared to 34% of companies in 2010.” Human Resources and Talent Management departments are using pro bono to develop their “high potential leaders” and to recruit and engage their young professionals. Eighty percent of managers in the U.S. say that a pro bono program could enhance recruitment of new talent and 70% of U.S. employees surveyed reported feeling better about working at their company as a result of their pro bono experience.1 

“The idea of volunteering your time and talent to improve your community is catching on across the globe. It’s so inspiring to see the incredible energy and enthusiasm our network of global pro bono leaders have. They come together to share their passion to use their countries’ professional expertise to make a tremendous impact on their country’s social issues,” said Liz Hamburg, President and CEO of the Taproot Foundation.

The Global Pro Bono Summit is an invitation-only meeting that will be held in and around Berlin, Germany February 24-27, 2015.

2015 Global Pro Bono Summit website: http://www.probonosummit.org/

Participating countries: Canada, China, Egypt, England, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United States

1 "The Dollar Valuation for Pro Bono Service” CECP and the Taproot Foundation, 2009


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