Supporting Veterans - It's Our Turn to Serve

Supporting Veterans - It's Our Turn to Serve

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 11:45am

CAMPAIGN: Veterans Day


If you’ve paid attention to the post-military transition and veteran “news” in the last few years, you’re well aware of the prevalence of the Veteran Career Fair to connect veterans with employers. In theory, this looks like a great strategy to match veterans with companies that want to hire them. But somehow, veteran unemployment for those desiring to find work is still unacceptably high; I feel that any unemployment among this group is too high. That’s because veterans often need more assistance to transition to a civilian career (as explained here and here) than others simply “searching” for a job.

There’s a number of reasons why this happens. For starters, veterans may take a job that doesn’t fit their skillset because a direct skills translation from their experiences doesn’t exist. Once in a job, even if it seems like a great fitting job for their skills, employers may not have retention programs in place to help veterans make the change to a traditional 9-5 work-life. A recent New York Times article on the subject noted that “it’s harder for veterans whose primary military job skills don’t directly translate to the civilian workforce,” which means there could be  an entire group of veterans who really have no direction as to where or how to begin their career search.

The resources that exist (again, career fairs, skills translators, job boards) are not enough. This Veteran’s Day it’s time for us to step up and serve our veterans. Employers need to seriously commit to understanding the military. Please visit our blog to finish reading the article.