Supporting a New Generation of Creatives and Changemakers

Supporting a New Generation of Creatives and Changemakers

By Patricia Cogley

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Hear the voices of young creatives, @Adobe Creativity Scholars who create media with purpose
Tuesday, June 23, 2015 - 9:25am


Today’s young creatives have unprecedented influence on the world around them. They are igniting discussions on social and environmental issues with creativity that can transcend global boundaries. Using digital story making, they can translate personal experiences and perspectives into media that has the power to create real change in communities around the world.

As part of Adobe’s commitment to this next generation of creatives, we have selected 25 students for this year’s class of Adobe Creativity Scholars. Launched in 2013, the program now supports 75 students in post-secondary education and creative pursuits.

Chosen from 12 countries around the world, the students have all participated in the global Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) program where they learned to how to create media with purpose. These young filmmakers, social entrepreneurs, and artists were selected due to their strong academic performance, leadership and global awareness.

“Adobe and AYV gave me the confidence to dream of pursuing a career in film and an outlet to express my frustration artistically,” scholar Ayanda Chisholm says. Her film, Black Beauty in the White Gaze, brings light to the historically underrepresented, including LGBTQ communities, women and people of color.

Scholar Christine Chung (Canada), who created the animation piece Hunger’s Core, says AYV has encouraged her to be a more purposeful creator. “We are on an ever-going exploration of ourselves and what gave us substance as artists,” she says. “We are learning about our own capabilities to influence.”

“I believe that everybody has the potential to do and be anything they want. They just need a bit of encouragement from the right people,” scholar Maya Hirota (USA), creator of the film Aphelion, says. “Thank you, Adobe Youth Voices, for being the right people for me.”

Congratulations to the 2015 Adobe Creativity Scholars:

Yamilet Acevedo -- USA

Paulo Sebastian Aguirre Tuma – United Kingdom

Ayah Benberna – United Kingdom

Kyle Bent – USA

Micaela Bolaños – Mexico

Victoria Bruno – USA

Andreea Cârjan – Romania

Ayanda Chisholm – USA

Christine Chung – Canada

Ximena Gabilondo – Mexico

Maya Hirota – USA

Jessy Kalala – Ireland

Rachel Lam – USA

Aleson Matoso – Brazil

Tia Morrison – Canada

Sikha Patra – India

Marco Antonio Perez Poma – Peru

Victor Portillo Garcia – El Salvador

Abdelhadi Qasrawi – Jordan

Abdullah Quick – USA

Angela Rowe – USA

Revathi S – India

Mahmoud Sadek – Egypt

Edwin Salgado – USA

Salim Shekh – India

We are extremely proud of the 2015 class of Adobe Creativity Scholars, and look forward to seeing where they will take their talent and creativity next!

Patricia Cogley is senior manager, Adobe Youth Voices.