Stopping Corruption in the Public Sector. Using Guidelines to Do It.

Stopping Corruption in the Public Sector. Using Guidelines to Do It.

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Corruption effects public and private sectors. Having a roadmap or guidelines helps

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015 - 4:30pm

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From public to private industries, anyone involved with dealing business globally, has the potential of being infiltrated by corruption and its issues. As private and public sector entities are becoming more adverse in conducting business globally, the market is seeing an increase in potential corruption cases. Companies and government bodies are taking notice that there is an issue and proactivity is needed in order to control it. In places like Botswana, Africa, corruption has entered into both private and public organizations, which has lead to ongoing support to combat it. Kelebogile Taolo of the All Africa Daily News writes how government agencies are taking steps forward to fight corruption.

Commissioner of the Botswana Police Service, Keabetswe Makgophe, recently launched a campaign to aim its focus on the internal struggles that surround their department.

Anti-Corruption compliance and development is no easy task, but in order to generate a corruption-free environment, much planning is needed to move forward and correct the problem.

"We should always closely monitor all our processes and be proactive in closing any gaps available for corruption to occur."

Corruption hurts all those involved, be it directly or indirectly.

“Some members of the public still do not understand that when you bribe a police officer, you are equally guilty of corruption. This is wrong and should be discouraged at all costs because it has the potential to dent the good image of the organization as well as the country."

In order to develop a good anti-corruption compliance program there needs to be a set of rules or guidelines that an organization may follow to make sure that the proper steps are taken. These guidelines ensure that, whatever methods are being used to devise a plan, any organization looking to create a quality anti-corruption program, are using methods that are accepted worldwide and have proven to work. It takes time to create a quality anti-corruption program, but with the help of guidelines and proper mentoring, any organization has the ability to stop corruption. For a copy of our Policies, Procedures and Records guidelines, click here