Spray Foam Is the Ideal Choice for Modern Commercial Building Design

Spray Foam Is the Ideal Choice for Modern Commercial Building Design

New Free E-Book for Commercial Architects Will Have Them Asking: Why Am I Still Using Foam Board Insulation?
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New e-Book available for download http://bit.ly/1RTVdd8

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015 - 8:00am

CAMPAIGN: Green Home Building Products and Technology

CONTENT: Press Release

Seattle, WA, October 21, 2015 /3BL Media/ —It’s hard to believe, yet commercial architects still continue to specify rigid XPS foam board products in continuous insulation applications when closed-cell spray foam has proven to be a super-efficient, highly flexible alternative that saves on budget as well as construction schedules.

Leading spray foam insulation manufacturer, Icynene, in conjunction with Green Builder Media, has just released a comprehensive e-book that explains the benefits of Icynene ProSeal and Icynene ProSeal Eco spray foam products in continuous insulation applications for commercial buildings. These closed cell spray foam products combine four functions in one material:

  • Continuous insulation
  • A continuous air barrier
  • A full water-resistive barrier
  • A vapor barrier

“The two products we offer commercial architects—Icynene ProSeal and Icynene ProSeal Eco—are high-performance closed cell medium density spray foam products,” says Paul Duffy, VP Engineering for Icynene. “These spray foam products have an equal or higher R value than board stock products. In addition, spray foam has features that board stock does not. Board products are punctured for every fastener and every transition membrane that deflects water to the outside, so you need to use adhesive sealants, tapes and supplemental membranes for installation, which may require prep surface cleaners that have to be used effectively in order for these products to be durable continuous air and water barriers.”

The e-book is a quick read and offers comparison points that explain why closed cell spray foam is the optimum choice for continuous insulation applications in commercial buildings, on these topics:

  • Code compliance
  • Airtightness
  • Air barrier assembly performance
  • Design flexibility
  • Water resistive barriers
  • Water vapor permeance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Cold temperature applications
  • Fire resistance

The e-book also includes reference information with downloadable white paper, links to an online wall assembly tool as well as a resource with valuable information on how to design and build with Icynene spray foam insulation. DOWNLOAD HERE

About Icynene
Established in 1986, Icynene helps to build energy efficient residential and commercial structures in over 31 countries worldwide. Our portfolio of industry leading light density open cell and medium density closed cell SPF solutions are both insulation and air barrier materials for improved indoor air quality and reduced energy costs making Icynene the smart choice for builders, architects, building owners, and homeowners.   www.icynene.com

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