Smart Irrigation Maker offers a "Pro" Designation for Landscape Designers

Smart Irrigation Maker offers a "Pro" Designation for Landscape Designers

A new program from Rachio allows landscapers to offer remote, WaterSense-certified monitoring of multiple clients.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 8:00am

CAMPAIGN: Saving Water


Multi-family building managers know the hassles of using water efficiently for landscape irrigation. Animals can nibble off irrigation heads, lawnmowers can damage them or re-orient them. As seasons change, knowing how long to water and when, and what to do if a municipality puts in place watering restrictions are really important. But interconnected, remotely monitored irrigation is here—and affordable, for both commercial and residential properties.

This is where Internet of Things-enabled smart water controllers are changing the game. A new one from Rachio, called the Iro, has just been approved as part of the EPA's WaterSense program.

Rachio is joining the Internet of Things (IoT) in a way that allows affiliated landscaping companies to monitor all of the Rachio Iro controllers they have installed for their homeowners. This gives the RachioPro the ability to optimize each customer’s irrigation and maximize their water savings, all from a computer or smart device. 

The EPA WaterSense designation has many municipalities and water districts offering rebates covering up to 100 percent of the controller’s cost. With water crises occurring in California and 40 other states, Rachio says its Rachio Iro is an attractive solution for those looking to conserve water.


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