Seeds of Hope: Gardens in Quito Bring Communities Together

Seeds of Hope: Gardens in Quito Bring Communities Together

©2015 Children International

©2015 Children International

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An #organic #garden is flourishing thanks to @Children_Intl #volunteer mothers in Quito, Ecuador
Monday, April 6, 2015 - 2:00pm

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Seeds of Hope

By Ashley Puderbaugh 

Every other morning, Ana, a volunteer mother, heads to the Francisco Huarcay garden near a Children International community center in Quito, Ecuador. Today, she works the loose, fertile soil around a massive green-and-purple cabbage. Nearby, other parents pull weeds while children giggle and play as they water the crops.

This garden – just one of 13 located in conjunction with CI’s community centers in Quito – produces enough organic vegetables to feed 10 families and then some. Parents sell the leftover crops at nutrition fairs in the centers, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and providing supplemental income.

But the gardens have yielded even more benefits than food and money... 

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