A Season for Learning

A Season for Learning

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Green Builder Media President, Ron Jones

Green Builder Media

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 8:15am

CAMPAIGN: VISION House at Mariposa Meadows


The dazzling colors of autumn have already come and gone up in the high country, and although we have been blessed with gorgeous fall weather at Mariposa Meadows thus far, we can see the new snow that is already beginning to stick on the north-facing slopes of the high peaks.

While we are not enduring last year’s pressures of placing and finishing concrete this time around, we seem to have just as much urgency in making as much progress as possible—especially in all aspects of the building envelopes and roofs—before the season closes in on us once again, and we’re relegated to the plowed roads and workshop activities that will have to keep us occupied until next spring.

Every day is precious now, as the crew hustles to secure the buildings and make certain that they are ready for the long weeks of silent, numbing cold that are lurking just around the corner. Material deliveries seem more crucial than they did a few weeks ago, when the warmth of the sun and the gold of the aspens tricked us into thinking we had lots of time to wrap everything up.

Additionally, it seems that the builders of all the projects in the area are hurrying to stay ahead of the changing season and finish what they’re working on. Our trade contractors are being tugged in several directions at once, making scheduling a bit more difficult and communication even more important than usual. Some aspects of building are universal, I suppose.


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