Saving Water: My New Obsession

Saving Water: My New Obsession

A manufacturing expert explains why his perspective on the value of fresh water has changed.
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Global Water Crisis

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Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 9:00am

CAMPAIGN: Saving Water


Lately, I find myself thinking about my water use all the time. Now I find myself thinking about the water problem every time I pour a glass water at 2 a.m., or while I’m taking a longer than normal hot shower or as I watch my sprinklers in action during a down-pour.  I have begun to address each of my short comings regarding water usage in my own home and life.

We all, including my teenage daughter, now take shorter and timed showers. We have replaced our clothes and dishwasher with water-saving and energy efficient new models and until I can convince my wife that replacing our lawn with indigenous plants that use and need less water, I have replaced my sprinkler timer that now turns it’s self off when it rains. We have also joined several groups to help educate others about water usage and the crisis at hand as well as to raise money to help build wells and filtration systems where they are truly needed.

What happened? How did I become a water evangelist? It started with a simple moment at home.

The "Mouths of Babes"
"Dad!...can I have a drink of water?” came a small, half awake voice from my son’s room…”Sure” I said, as I got up and out of bed and trudged to the kitchen.  I leaned over the sink, waiting for the water to reach the right temperature. Then it  struck me. This is a wondrous thing, to go to the tap and get a cool and clean glass of water in the middle of the night. Frankly, it had never even occurred to me that water would not come out of the faucet, or that I would have to be concerned with the quality of my water.

It has always been there. As a kid, I remember, there was no greater treat than drinking from the garden hose on a hot summer day. (Nowadays we'd check to see if the hose was BPA free!).


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