The Resilient Design Guide is Here

The Resilient Design Guide is Here

Resilient housing has to go above and beyond building codes. Here's a guide to help with high wind wood frame construction.
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FLASH Resilient Design Guide

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - 6:00am

CAMPAIGN: Resilient Housing


The recent devastation in Nepal, flooding in Peru and wildfires in Australia prove the need to build resilient housing is more important than ever. Currently there are about 30 million households in wind zones of 100 mph or greater. Most of these are located on the East Coast and SE regions of the U.S. Building to code is not enough.

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH), along with the AIA, AIA Florida, Gulf Coast Community Design Studio, AIANY and Architecture for Humanity have created the Resilient Design Guide - High Wind Wood Frame Construction Edition to help guide you through building more resilient homes in high wind areas.

This informative "why" and "how-to" guide takes a look at cost implications and construction difficulty of ordinary construction vs. high wind construction vs. resilient construction. 

The goal of the guide is to provide architects, designers or homeowners the information necessary to make any set of house plans useful for constructing a more wind resilient structure. The guide includes topics such as the impact of wind borne debris, and easy to understand graphics of how elements of a home - roof, walls, and foundation work in the wind.

Download a copy of the guide HERE.

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