The Race Is On: Who Will Win When Smart Meets Solar?

The Race Is On: Who Will Win When Smart Meets Solar?

The Solar and Smart Home technologies are quickly converging, opening up watershed growth opportunities for companies in these sectors.
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Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman

Green Builder Media

Friday, May 20, 2016 - 6:00am

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The global solar industry, expected to reach $345 billion by 2020, and the global smart home market, expected to reach $59 billion by 2020, are two of the building industry’s hottest growth sectors. 

One of the main drivers for this meteoric growth is the unprecedented transition from a high-consumption and low automation market to low-consumption & high automation market.  This transition is fundamentally altering the performance of our built environment and the way that we interact with it.

As technologies in both solar and smart home spaces become mainstream and cost-effective, it’s clear that these two categories will not remain stand-alone islands.  Rather, they will sync together as a part of an integrated ecosystem that empowers consumers to optimize the performance of their homes. 

Smart home technology and solar share the same ultimate goal: to provide homeowners with a greater level of control. The integration of solar and smart home technologies transforms homeowners from passive consumers into active energy managers, offering the freedom to cut out the energy middleman (the utility) as well as the ability to intelligently plan and harmonize power generation with consumption patterns.

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