New Website on the Crucial Importance of Indoor Air Quality Launches

New Website on the Crucial Importance of Indoor Air Quality Launches

New Website Helps Everyone Breathe Easier: Products, Research and Advice for Improving the Air Inside
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.@greenbuildermag site debuts: products, research, advice on Indoor Air Quality #IAQ

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - 2:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Indoor Air Quality

CONTENT: Press Release

April 21, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Green Builder Media just launched a new website aimed squarely at improving the indoor air quality of houses and buildings.

"If energy saving is one half of the green building equation, occupant health, including IAQ, is the other," says Editor-in-Chief Matt Power, "One way to quickly separate the IAQ aspect of green building from the resource conservation angle is to ask: What do the future occupants get out of it? If the answer is, they get a chance to live in a healthy space, without inhaling toxic particles and getting sick, then it's an IAQ feature. If the answer is "They get to save money on utilities, or do less maintenance over the years," I'd put it in the green building camp."

Does the distinction really matter?

Yes, because people tend to look at homes from one camp or the other. In other words, some look for a "green home," and are thinking about Low-VOC paints and vent fans. Others scrutinize insulation and solar panels.

Why not lay out the groundwork from the start, separating IAQ and green building into two distinct aspects of sustainable living?

That's what we've done in our brand new campaign on indoor air quality. We think it will lead to better educated consumers and building professionals who know their way around a healthy home.

Trending now on the site are articles and blogs, including:

  • Combating the Asthma Epidemic: Information on the top asthma triggers found in homes.
  • Inside Job: Sure-fire ways to guarantee efficiency and high-quality indoor air.
  • The Big Fix: Builders who lead the charge to address indoor air quality and energy efficiency in their homes.
  • Seal the Deal: What's the primary source of energy loss in the majority of existing homes? Leaky Ducts.

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