A Message from John Replogle, Seventh Generation CEO

A Message from John Replogle, Seventh Generation CEO

From the Seventh Generation 2013 Corporate Consciousness Report
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“Business as usual cannot successfully lead us into a brighter beyond.” Read @SeventhGen CEO’s words of wisdom: http://7gen.us/1qcmNp9

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Seventh Generation releases their 2013 Corporate Consciousness Report, "A Generation of good"

John Replogle, Seventh Generation CEO, on breaking from "business as usual" and looking towards a brighter beyond

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 11:00am

A Message from John Replogle, Seventh Generation CEO

Dear Friends and Stakeholders,

When I was born in the 1960s, our world was much both much smaller and much larger than it is today. Back then, life for most unfolded in self-contained communities whose borders were seldom crossed and whose rhythms were rarely disrupted by events beyond. Indeed, the world outside was often distant and remote, a frequently mysterious but always expansive place with plenty of room for Earth's three and a half billion lives, most of which never touched our own.

Today, this paradigm has been turned on its head. Our communities now are outsized and hyper-driven. They sprawl past each other's boundaries on a rapidly shrinking planet struggling to contain what soon will be an extraordinary nine billion human beings, all of whom are fast becoming interconnected to the point of interdependence.

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